The following guidelines describe our corporate philosophy



  • Our passengers are at the heart of what we do. Our top objective is to guarantee your safety and well-being, and to satisfy your wishes to the very best of our ability.


  • Helpfulness and friendliness are a matter of course for us.
  • It’s punctuality that sets us apart from the competition.
    Thanks to our decades of experience in the crew business, Auto Alig Verkehrsbetrieb GmbH is highly attuned to the importance of punctuality in the transport of air crews and the consequences of failure to adhere to deadlines. This awareness manifests itself in the conscientious planning and implementation of individual deadlines - something that is highly appreciated by our customers.
  • The employees of our company practice respect for foreign cultures and religions.


  • Our fleet consists exclusively of fuel-efficient models.
  • The equipment and quality of our vehicles are geared to the requirements and wishes of our passengers.
  • The renewal of our vehicle fleet is driven by climate protection considerations alongside technical and visual criteria.

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